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Waco ISD takes over Student Bus Transportation

WACO, TX (June 25, 2024)--Waco ISD takes control of its transportation department effective July 1, 2024, after contracting the service since 1988. Most recently, Goldstar Transit has operated bus services for WISD students since 2015.


“We cannot educate students if they are not at school,” Waco ISD Superintendent Dr. Susan Kincannon said. “The district is focused on improving systems and processes within the transportation department including compensation and benefits for bus drivers and other positions such as mechanics.”


Waco ISD is increasing bus driver hourly pay to $27, the highest hourly rate in the Central Texas region and an increase from Goldstar’s rate of $21.36. Transpar Group consulted with the district to ensure a smooth transition of transportation services and recommended the pay increase as well as updated systems. 


Waco ISD is outfitting its 79 buses with an updated, 8-camera system that includes left and right interior cameras, back and front exterior cameras, and a camera facing the bus driver. Additionally, the district is implementing a GPS Zonar system on its buses, which will track bus locations so the district knows at all times where buses and students are. This is the first step in parents being able to track their children’s buses, a tool that the district plans to add in the future. 


Updated routing system software will ensure the efficient planning of bus routes and allows parents to determine their children’s bus numbers, pick-up and drop off times, and more. 


Dr. Ricky Edison, former University High School principal, will now lead the transportation department.


“We are building a great team, and we want to provide the safest and most efficient transportation system that we possibly can in Waco ISD,” Edison said. “Our students deserve nothing but the best in all areas of education.”


Edison most recently served as the Waco ISD Director of Attendance and Outreach Services. In the 2023-2024 school year, he provided daily assistance with transportation by confirming driver shortages, combining routes, and communicating changes to principals to ensure routes were completed as efficiently as possible. With continuing transportation challenges, Waco ISD included taking over its transportation services as part of its 2024-2025 district improvement plan. 


Monique Brock will serve as Waco ISD’s assistant director of transportation. She began her career as a school bus driver and most recently served as the general manager under Goldstar Transit. Brock has worked in the school transportation industry for 17 years. 


Waco ISD currently has 20 bus driver vacancies that it is working to fill prior to the start of the 2024-2025 school year on August 14. Applicants interested in working in the Waco ISD Transportation Department may apply at