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Waco ISD Superintendent selected as national College Board Advisor

College Board has elected Waco ISD Superintendent Dr. Susan Kincannon to its national superintendents advisory council, a 31-member governing board that brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from diverse school districts across the country.  


“Service on this national board offers the opportunity to learn and share best practices in advanced academics from leaders across the country,” Kincannon said. “Just this year alone, Waco ISD had more than two dozen students selected as Advanced Placement Scholars and even more students in underrepresented populations, including Hispanic and African American, were selected for College Board honors. Waco ISD is closing educational gaps and ensuring high achievement for all students.”


Designed to ensure the College Board receives valuable input to refine its programs and services, the Advisory Council shares ideas and best practices about educational improvement and engages College Board leaders on how they can add value to the educational institutions and students they all serve. Advisory Council members provide College Board with guidance on key issues and initiatives to help ensure a balance of regional and professional perspectives. 


“As a member of the Council, I will have the opportunity to learn additional progressive pathways used by superintendents across the country that support students as they build the skills they’ll need in college and to work to remove barriers that can stand in the way of higher education,” said Kincannon, who will attend her first College Board Advisory Council meeting in December. 


Waco ISD’s Board of Trustees honored 28 Advanced Placement scholars in September and will honor more than 30 students as College Board National African American and Hispanic Scholars at its October 26 meeting. Two students will also be honored as Commended National Merit Scholars.