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April 1: Census Day - Say #YEStothecensus!

The 2020 Census
Every 10 years, the census counts how many people are in the Waco-McLennan County community to decide how much federal funding and representation our communities should receive. Census data helps the federal government make decisions about public services that benefit and impact our community on a daily basis such as healthcare, education, public safety and transportation

Your responses to the census are important, and they CANNOT be shared with anyone. In fact, they're protected by law from other branches of government.

Did you know? The census can be filled out in 13 languages by phone or online if the one mailed to you is not in your preferred language.

The Census impacts Waco ISD and YOU!
Funding determined through the census supports everything from school lunches to special education to Head Start to over 130 programs that could help our students right now.

Education funding allocated by census counts includes funding for:

  • Waco's 11 Head Start centers, which provide early childhood education opportunities for 1,000 families and their young children in McLennan and Falls counties 
  • The National School Lunch Program, which provided 29,408 meals for public students in McLennan County during the 2013-14 school year
  • Bilingual education programs
  • Grants for Title I schools
  • Special education support funding for public schools
  • Student financial aid

Understanding how the census is tied to education in our area is important to providing a bright future for the youngest generation of city and county residents.

For more information about the local impact, visit

Now... Say #YEStothecensus!

2020 Census Options:

MAIL: Complete the form sent to you via postal mail.

PHONE: 1-844-330-2020