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6th Grade Summer Reading Project Rubric

“I do believe something very MAGICAL can happen
when you read a GOOD BOOK.”
~ J. K. Rowling

Reading in an integral part of your child’s success. It should also be fun and enjoyable.
Studies show that lack of reading over the summer result in a “summer slide”. Students have shown to lose achievement gains made during the previous year and reading levels have declined or become stagnant (

For your summer reading assignment, I encourage you to take some time and browse the library, various websites and book stores to find a book that interests you. There are many websites available to browse books, such as: and I have also attached a list of book suggestions.

Once you have chosen a book, read it. If at any time you realize your book isn’t interesting, find another one. I want you to LOVE your book.

After reading, you must complete the “Amazon Listing Novel Project” attached. Use a poster board to complete your project. Your project is due the second week of school. You will also need to bring your book with you (if purchased). The attached instructions will be used to guide the grading of your project. Should you have any questions, please email me at:

Tammie Cunningham
6th ELAR
ATLAS Academy

Tammie Cunningham