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Biscuit the Paw Washing Dog visits J.H. Hines & Bell's Hill

Students at J.H. Hines Elementary and Bell's Hill Elementary learned all about the importance of hand hygiene thanks to Biscuit the Paw (Hand) Washing Dog! 

With cold and flu season underway, Waco ISD custodial services and health services partnered to bring the basics of hand hygiene directly to students at two elementary campuses with an educational program offered by the district’s soap and hand sanitizer provider, Symmetry.

Absenteeism impacts student learning and achievement, and illness-related absences can be a major concern in schools but can be improved dramatically with proactive measures.

Since hand hygiene is one of the most important steps in preventing illness and stopping the spread of germs to others, the program aims to educate students on the proper way to wash their hands.

More pictures available on WISD's Facebook page at:

 4 students with Biscuit, the mascot dog
Bell's Hill Elementary students with Biscuit the Paw (Hand) Washing Dog

6 students with Biscuit, a mascot dog
J.H. Hines Elementary students with Biscuit the Paw (Hand) Washing Dog