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Waco ISD announces Employees of the Month for December 2020

Waco ISD is proud to announce its Employees of the Month for December 2020! The Employee of the Month program was first started in February 2020 and relaunched this fall following a hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2020-2021 program has seen an impressive number of submissions with hundreds of staff recognizing and nominating their colleagues for their hard work and dedication.
Although the initial intent was to recognize one employee each in the categories of professional staff and paraprofessional/support staff, the high number of nominations highlighting and celebrating staff across the district has again warranted the selection of two employees in each category. The nominations praised positive attitudes, teamwork, dedication and the various ways staff members have worked to navigate both in-person and remote instruction this year. Congratulations to the following employees who were selected as Waco ISD Employees of the Month for December 2020!
Waco ISD Employees of the Month - December 2020
Paraprofessional/Support Staff
Derrick Payne
Mail Delivery Clerk - Waco ISD/warehouse
Sylvia Wilson
Special Education Inclusion Aide - West Avenue Elementary School
Professional Staff
Haley Dean
Assistant Principal - Lake Air Montessori Magnet School
David Guthrie
7th grade English/Language Arts teacher - G.W. Carver Middle School
About the honorees...
Derrick Payne, the mail delivery clerk for the entire district and a 33-year employee of Waco ISD, was selected because he "provides service above and beyond" his daily routes across the district. His nomination form noted he has an "unparalleled ability to form positive relationships and always has a kind word." Although many know or recognize Derrick and his duties are truly essential, it may still be considered "behind-the-scenes" work, making sure mail and packages get to and from campuses, offices and the post office, no matter the challenge. His nominator would have selected him as "Employee of the Decade," if possible!
Derrick Payne
 Derrick Payne - mail delivery clerk, Waco ISD
Sylvia Wilson, a special education inclusion aide at West Avenue Elementary School, was selected because of her dedication to the teachers and students she supports. Sylvia, an Army veteran, has worked for Waco ISD for nearly 20 years across all grade levels, primarily working with students with special needs. She "arrives smiling every day" and can even be heard "laughing all the way down the hallway" sometimes. She shows patience and works to help her students have a positive day. When quarantines affected the campus this year, Sylvia stepped up to the plate to ensure students' IEPs were followed and support them and the classroom teacher in a variety of ways.
Sylvia Wilson
 Sylvia Wilson - special education inclusion aide, West Avenue Elementary School
Haley Dean is an assistant principal at Lake Air Montessori Magnet School and was selected because she is "beyond amazing." Her nominator noted she always finds time to listen to a teacher in need, check on a student and mentor others. Haley has been with Waco ISD for nearly 20 years and continues to "set the bar high" for everyone she interacts with. She always puts students first and goes out of her way to help any student.
Haley Dean
Haley Dean - assistant principal, Lake Air Montessori Magnet School
David Guthrie, a 7th grade English/language arts teacher at G.W. Carver Middle School, is in his fourth year with Waco ISD. His nomination described him as a "patient and positive force" on the campus who works hard every day ensuring his students have the necessary tools and resources to be successful. He is a team player, confident in his content, calm, always listening and "puts everything he has" into making his students' lives a little brighter.
David Guthrie
David Guthrie - English/language arts teacher, G.W. Carver Middle School
Congratulations to each of these outstanding employees!
Waco ISD is honored to recognize you, and the district thanks you for CHOOSING Waco ISD!