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Waco ISD Launches Carver Student Ambassador Program

Waco, TX- A group of G.W. Carver Indian Spring students are getting a unique sneak peek at their future school opening in fall 2023. The sixth through eighth graders were selected to serve as student ambassadors and recently had their first construction site visit. Waco ISD broke ground on the new facility in May, nearly a year after an electrical fire heavily damaged the original building on JJ Flewellen Road.
The visit included a safety lesson, a site walk, and hands-on learning activities. The group of 40 students looked at plans for the campus, observed the recently completed foundation pour, and learned about stages in the building process. Crew leaders answered questions from the ambassadors and taught students about the different trades and roles involved in the build.
“It was a very cool learning experience. We got to learn about the different jobs they all do and the communication it takes,” said D’Yeon Martinez, eighth-grade G.W. Carver/Indian Spring student. “I'm so excited for the kids and the new things that they get in this building. The teachers and staff will also get the classrooms and offices that they need.”
When the G.W. Carver campus burned in July 2021, there was a deep sense of loss among students, staff, alums, and the East Waco community. The District is hopeful that the ambassador program will help students get acquainted with and excited about what the future holds for the community. Other priorities for the program include: engaging students in monthly site visits to build student ownership in their new building; exposing them to the construction industry and the job opportunities it can provide; offering hands-on learning experiences with professionals who are actively involved in the design and construction of the new campus and discover real-world connections between what they see on the job site and what they are learning in the classroom. 
“This is all part of our efforts to engage current students in this exciting work and give them the unique opportunity to see what goes into building a new school,” said Dr. Susan Kincannon, Waco ISD superintendent. “This goes hand-in-hand with the work we continue doing with the Carver Alumni Historical Advisory Committee throughout this process. Our hope is to bridge the past with the future in a way that is meaningful to everyone.”

To see photos from the first construction site visit, please click here.