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Academic Bags for Home + Homework Plan

Homework Plan- Updated 3/26/2020


On Monday, March 23rd ISMS Academic Bags were issued to students to complete March 23rd-Apr. 3rd.  If families were truly unable to pick up bags on Monday, we  delivered the bags on Tuesday (3/24) and Wednesday (3/25).

Some bags were missing the instructional packet, you can access the packet by clicking here.  If you are still missing you academic bag, please contact



While school is closed there are 4 additional components for student lesson plans and homework:


1) Be safe!  Seriously follow COVID-19 recommendations carefully otherwise these district-wide precautions aren't helpful!


2) Check Google Classroom -- teachers will be providing lessons and students can continue to work on the work they haven't finished or go back over their previous work.  This is the first place for students to check.


3) Use IXL AT LEAST 15 minutes a day for math and 15 minutes for reading -- but why stop there!  A student can keep working on IXL for an hour, two hours, or even all day.  IXL is one of the most effective ways for students to learn at their own pace and improve!


4) Read at least 30 minutes a day -- this is the single greatest "silver bullet" in education.  Reading regularly helps students in ALL subjects.  You can access tons of free books online right now by clicking here and using the code SCHOOL7771.


One final tip -- if your student is in 8th grade and wants to retake the TSI test (for college readiness), have your student work on Edmentum as well.


How do I know if my student has IXL, Google Classroom, or Edmentum accounts?


ALL ISMS students have IXL & Google Classroom accounts -- if your student is very new or you still have questions, click here to email us and we will look into the student accounts.  All 8th graders should have Edmentum accounts -- email if you have questions.


What do we do if we do not have internet at home?


UPDATE 3/17/20- One option is to call Spectrum, because they are offering free access to broadband and Wi-Fi for students without access for 60 days, HOWEVER, I have heard that you do have to sign a contract.  I have not heard whether you can cancel the contract early with no penalty however.

Those interested in enrolling are asked to call 1-844-488-8395. Installation fees will be waived for new student households.


What should we do if we do not have a device either?


Each of these apps can be done on cell phones, tablets, or computers that have internet access.  If your student does not have access to any of these items, click here and describe the issue and we will work on getting work for your student or finding another solution.


Why should I worry about my student doing homework during this time?


Every summer students tend to "slide back" on their reading level and skill levels in each of their classes.  Even shorter breaks like Thanksgiving have an impact on student academic levels.

At ISMS, it is extremely important for students to not only maintain their skill levels, but to push themselves forward because on average our students are behind grade level rather than ahead of it.  More importantly, we know what our students are capable of and it is so much more!  We want to see each and every student excel and be their best.


In addition, noted in Dr. Kincannon's letter from 3/19/2020, "Each bag will also contain reading and assignment logs that should be signed daily by a parent or guardian. The state requires us to document each student’s instructional time during the closure. Students will receive credit for both attendance and instruction as long as they complete the included activities and return the signed logs to their home campus when school resumes."