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AfterSchool Academy Postponed

 AfterSchool Postponed



Attention Families- I (Mr. Cheatham) wanted to let you know that we are currently postponing the start of the AfterSchool Academy because we are in the process of hiring a manager for the program and we decided that it would be better to get them in at the beginning rather than have them come in after we've already started. Our current hope is to start early to mid-October, but that all depends on how fast the process moves along. We had hoped the position would be filled by now, but in discussing logistics with our principal and district staff we felt it was our best option at the present moment. I apologize for any difficulty this causes, but I strongly believe this will lead to a stronger program overall.

We are still accepting students into the program at this time and will continue to operate on a "first-come, first-served" basis. You can access our application online or pick up a copy from our receptionist. If your student is in athletics or will be attending tutoring regularly, we do not recommend our AfterSchool Academy because we want to ensure consistent attendance.