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Want better sidewalks?  Your feedback can help!


Want better sidewalks?  Your feedback can help!


This summer Hayden Evans, a Graduate Assistant with Transformation Waco, is conducting a research project (Safe Routes to Schools - Waco) to obtain the perspectives of school staff, parents, and students (ages 7-11) regarding the routes to schools, including ISMS. He will be performing focus groups and a photovoice with the parents and students involved. Here's a breakdown of what each research method is and the time commitment for families and students: 

    -Information session: This will be a .5-1hr meeting with potential parents and student participants so that they can be informed on what this research will be used for, how they can help, and to answer any questions. 
    -Photovoice: Parents and children will take photos (on their phones) of their routes to school and the areas around their communities. This can be done on their own time and they will have about a week to take their photos. 
    -Focus groups: 1.5-2hrs meeting composed of one only parents group and one only students group. The focus groups will be a time to discuss the photos that they took, why they took them, and what they mean to them. 

For this research project, parents and students must speak and write in English. Parents don't have to have a student in the 7-11 age range but must have a student that attends Indian Spring. Parents of the students that choose to participate don't also have to participate in the research project.

If you or your student are interested in participating, click here to contact Hayden.