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COVID-19 patients enjoy brighter days thanks to WISD art students

A portion of the third floor at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Hillcrest, which was originally designed to serve outpatient surgical cases, has now been converted to care for patients hospitalized with COVID-19.  Among other differences from general acute care hospital rooms, is the fact that this space doesn’t allow each patient a window through which to view the beautiful outdoors.  A patient who recently spent several weeks in the COVID Unit on his journey to recovery, was interviewed about his experiences during his time in the hospital.  He mentioned how long-term patients in the COVID Unit may have moments when they’re unable to distinguish whether it’s daytime or nighttime due to the lack of windows in the rooms. The patient expressed that this created an unexpected mental hurdle in his road to recovery.

In order to find a remedy to the problem presented, BSW – Hillcrest’s marketing department enlisted the help of talented student artists from Cesar Chavez, G.W. Carver and Tennyson middle schools to create a variety of unique sun and moon artwork.  The beautiful pieces will be used to help recovering COVID-19 patients discern daylight from darkness without looking through a window.  Caregivers will simply display a picture of the sun during daytime hours and then flip the artwork over to exhibit a moon at nighttime.

This type of collaboration, from art teachers and students, to nurses and other caregivers, will hopefully benefit COVID-19 patients and aid in their recovery.  Waco ISD is always grateful to find ways for our students to give back to the community.  What a truly meaningful project for these students to lend their artistic ability to, especially considering the fact that COVID-19 has deeply impacted everyone.


Sun painting with sunglasses

Dusk moon painting

Nurses from Hillcrest holding sun and moon paintings