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Ways to Take Action in our Community – Making Greeting Cards

Operation Community Connection Baylor Scott & White Medical Center

Hillcrest, like many hospitals, is currently under a ‘no visitor’ policy. They recognize that this policy is extremely difficult for their patients and loved ones, so the hospital is creating a way for patients to still feel connected and loved. It's called ‘Operation Community Connection!’

They've set up a special email address – – to which community members can send scanned copies of handwritten notes, hand-drawn pictures, etc. These messages of encouragement will be printed and distributed each day to patients throughout their hospital.

They also welcome encouraging notes for hospital staff who are under great stress during this time. This way, they can follow infection prevention measures and avoid an influx of paper coming into the hospital from outside sources. PDF format is best, but folks can also take a picture on their phone and email it that way if needed.

To help them stay organized, the hospital is asking that the subject line of any email state “For patients” or “For staff” or “For patients and staff” so that they can properly channel each note to its intended audience.



If you would like to share those videos, notes, or art, please send a picture to Ms. Pritchard as well so that we can post it on the Mountainview site.