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Waco ISD announces Employees of the Month for January 2021

Following winter weather delays, Waco ISD is proud to announce its Employees of the Month for January 2021! The Employee of the Month program was started in February 2020 and relaunched last fall following a hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2020-2021 program has seen an impressive number of submissions with hundreds of staff recognizing and nominating their colleagues for their hard work and dedication.
Although the initial intent was to recognize one employee each in the categories of professional staff and paraprofessional/support staff, the high number of nominations highlighting and celebrating staff across the district continues to warrant the selection of four employees. The nominations praised positive attitudes, teamwork, dedication and the various ways staff members have worked to support their staff and students during a challenging year. Congratulations to the following employees who were selected as Waco ISD Employees of the Month for January 2021!
Waco ISD Employees of the Month - January 2021
Professional Staff
Cecilia Padgett
Parent/Community Specialist - Homeless Outreach Department
Melanie Spark
Music Teacher - Alta Vista Elementary School
Paraprofessional & Support Staff
Carolyn Christian
Primary Literacy Aide - Mountainview Elementary School
AC Stone 
Custodian - Brazos High School & Transformation Waco offices
About the honorees...
Cecilia Padgett, the parent/community specialist for the district's Homeless Outreach Department, was selected because she has taken the initiative to assist Waco ISD families experiencing homelessness in any way possible. When she learns of a need or needs for a family, she works to find and deliver the supplies, even if not easily available. She works closely with campus PEIMS (Public Education Information Management System) staff to follow up on students in foster care or who may otherwise needs assistance. With a department of all new staff this year, Cecilia has organized the work flow to ensure the department runs smoothly and efficiently to better serve Waco ISD students and families. According to the nomination from her supervisor, "We couldn't serve our students and families as we have done without Cecilia's help and hard work!"
Cecilia Padgett
Cecilia Padgett (center) - parent/community specialist, Homeless Outreach Department
Melanie Spark, the music teacher at Alta Vista Elementary School, was nominated by campus principal Lindsey Helton and was selected because she worked tremendously hard to plan a special holiday performance that brought joy and cheer, but also kept students and families safe. Instead of a traditional live performance, Mrs. Spark planned for every class to be recorded, including special speaking parts, which were made into a video for families to enjoy over the holidays. She met with students after school three days a week for two months to prepare, and she spent countless hours in preparatory work. Despite COVID-19 restrictions, Mrs. Spark has "shown determination to create a special holiday memory for her students and their families."
Melanie Spark
 Melanie Spark (2nd from L) - music teacher, Alta Vista Elementary School
Carolyn Christian, a primary literacy aide at Mountainview Elementary School, was also nominated by campus principal Melissa Pritchard and was selected because she goes above and beyond every day. Due to unusual and challenging circumstances this year, Mrs. Christian has helped the classroom's long-term substitute review See-Saw assignments, take attendance each day, make parent contacts, help assess students, and assists in completing reports. Not only does she do all of those tasks, but she also pulls students for intervention and helps to cover any area in the campus where coverage may be needed. Each day, Mrs. Christian is outside at her duty station "with a smile on her face and always with a kind word for the students." Mrs. Christian is "truly an asset to Waco ISD and Mountainview Elementary." 
Carolyn Christian
Carolyn Christian (2nd from R) - primary literacy aide, Mountainview Elementary School
AC Stone, head/sole custodian for Brazos High School and the Transformation Waco offices, received multiple nominations highlighting his dedication, work performance and the pride he takes in his work. One nomination began with, "If you are talking about team players, you cannot have that conversation without including AC Stone!" According to the nomination, Mr. Stone always has a positive attitude. He is "always smiling, laughing and never seems to be overwhelmed, even when things are stressed. His positive attitude sets a great example for others to follow. Never once have I seen him not willing to help out others - with a smile." Another nominator from central administration noted that although they see many buildings throughout the district, they are consistently impressed by Brazos High School because of his care and work. Mr. Stone is considered a blessing by his department, supervisors and peers. 
AC Stone
AC Stone (2nd from L) - custodian, Brazos High School & Transformation Waco offices
Congratulations to each of these outstanding employees!
Waco ISD is honored to recognize you, and the district thanks you for CHOOSING Waco ISD!