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Google Doc Phishing


Over a short time period Wednesday (May 3, 2017), countless individuals throughout the country and perhaps the world have received an email requesting that they open a Google Doc.  The sender's address is either someone that the receiver knows or does not know.

By clicking on this link   openindocsthe user is prompted to login to their Google Account and in some (but not all) instances, give permission for Google Docs to "Read, send, delete, and manage your email" and "Manage your contacts." 

Since Google Docs is already part of Google Drive, there should not be a reason why it is asking you to give it permission.  What happened was that there was a conniving program (app) called "Google Docs" " that has nothing to do with the collaborative word processing program in Google. This app’s purpose was to read the contact list of those that clicked openindocsand then sent all the email addresses on that list the same message using the account owner's email.  This explains why many users believed that the email was legitimate since a known user “appears” to send it.  Google has since shut down the app, “Google Docs.”

Since Waco ISD uses First Class instead of GMail, there is little risk that our staff that clicked on the link caused the generation of further emails.  However, it is critical to remove the app from the Google Account Permissions.  

To do so, click on the link below and login to Google if prompted:

If you do not see “Google Docs” on the list of Apps connected to your account, you do not need to take further action

If you do see Google Docs on the list, click on it, then click the Remove button.


If Google Docs appeared as an App, please change your AD password.
Link: How to Change Your Password
On a Windows Desktop/Laptop:
Hold the down the following three keys simultaneously: [CTRL] [ALT] [Delete]
Select Change Password

On a Macintosh:
Login to and select Change Password

Questions?  Please contact the Help Desk at 755-9599.