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Waco ISD Board Unanimously Approves Competitive Raises for Teachers

Waco ISD Approves Competitive Pay Raises for Teachers

Significant salary increases for paraprofessionals, auxiliary staff and police officers included.




During the Waco ISD Board of Trustees meeting, trustees UNANIMOUSLY approved the administration’s recommended compensation plan for the 2023-2024 school year that included $3.9 million in raises for district employees.

 “From child nutrition workers, custodians and classroom teachers, Waco ISD employees are making a difference in the lives of our children and their families each day,” said Superintendent Dr. Susan Kincannon. “It is important that we take steps now to remain competitive.” 


The approved compensation plan provides a pay increase of $1,750 for all continuing teachers, representing an average increase of 3%. The beginning teacher salary in Waco ISD increased by $1,500, to $52,975.


Auxiliary and paraprofessional staff will receive an average minimum pay increase equal to 3% of their pay grade midpoint, some may receive an average of 6% to 12% based on years of experience on the placement scale and an increase to the minimum starting pay of child nutrition workers, custodians, instructional aides and paraprofessional employees. Professional and administrative employees will receive a 3% increase of the midpoint of their position range. 


Returning police officers paid less than the pay grade midpoint are receiving a total general pay increase ranging from 10 to 13%. New Waco ISD Police officer salaries will range from $42,228 to $55,542 depending on workday calendar and years of experience, and they are eligible to receive a $5,000 sign-on bonus.


“These raises are critical to recruiting qualified staff and maintaining the level of service that our students and the community deserves. I am thankful for our administration for looking out for our staff,” said Board President Stephanie Korteweg. “I want to thank the board for always putting our students and staff first and making this investment in our most important resource, our staff.”


The board has previously approved sign-on and retention bonuses totaling approximately $10.5 million using Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds to attract and retain employees.  Retention bonuses will be paid out through the end of 2024. 


The board also approved a $300 back-to-school supply allowance to be paid to classroom teachers in August 2023.


As a part of the compensation plan, the district will continue to contribute $5,472 per employee, annually towards health insurance.


“Throughout this year’s lengthy planning process, we determined that salary increases for paraprofessionals, auxiliary staff and police officers should be a priority for the district,” described Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Dr. Daniel Lopez. “These employees play a vital role in meeting the educational and safety needs of our students. We are pleased that the board approved the recommended increases.”


The board’s action to provide raises to employees is, in part, due to the district’s longstanding commitment to maintaining a competitive salary system that supports the recruitment and retention of quality employees.