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Waco ISD announces Employees of the Month for April 2021

Waco ISD is proud to announce its Employees of the Month for April 2021! The Employee of the Month program was started in February 2020 and relaunched last fall following a hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2020-2021 program has seen an impressive number of submissions with hundreds of staff recognizing and nominating their colleagues for their hard work and dedication.

Although the initial intent was to recognize one employee each in the categories of professional staff and paraprofessional/support staff, the high number of nominations highlighting and celebrating staff across the district continues to warrant the selection of four employees. The nominations praised positive attitudes, teamwork, dedication and the various ways staff members have worked to support their staff and students during a challenging year. Congratulations to the following employees who were selected as Waco ISD Employees of the Month for April 2021!
Waco ISD Employees of the Month - April 2021
Professional Staff
Jennifer Findley
World Cultures Teacher – ATLAS Academy
April Roberson
Math Instructional Specialist – Waco High School
Paraprofessional/Support Staff
Donna Lovelady
Literacy Aide – Dean Highland Elementary School
Tommy Trotter
Head Custodian – Waco High School
About the honorees...
Jennifer Findley, a social studies teacher at ATLAS Academy, works to "make our team the best it can be." She is described as a team player who is willing to help in any area or task that needs to be completed and as someone who actively compliments her students and colleagues. Mrs. Findley is a former student of her nominator, which makes the nomination even more special! "It is awesome to see one of your former students become such an accomplished teacher. I have loved every moment working with her as a teacher."
Shanda Baker
Jennifer Findley (second from right) - social studies teacher, ATLAS Academy

April Roberson, math instructional specialist at Waco High School, has been nominated multiple times and is described as both "the glue that holds Waco High together" and also "our 'first mate' of the ship of WHS." She is dependable, encouraging, a morale booster, and the definition of a strong work ethic. She is a person who "wants WHS and the students we serve to succeed and to be the best that they can be." One of the teachers who nominated her notes she "is the model for what WISD looks for in their Employee of the Month submissions. Please come to WHS and just watch her for one day. Then you'll know what I mean."

[A photo of April Roberson can be found at the bottom of this story.]
Donna Lovelady, a literacy aide at Dean Highland Elementary School, routinely works above and beyond what's expected or assigned. She can be found taking students out to the greenhouse to check on their watermelon seedlings and discussing the plant cycle, greeting students in the mornings, assisting with dismissal in the afternoon, and covering lunch periods - all on top of her regular duties as a kindergarten literacy aide. Mrs. Lovelady is described as punctual, dependable, a team player, and someone who notices and takes action, but most importantly, as someone on the campus who is loved and appreciated!
Donna Lovelady
Donna Lovelady (right) - literacy aide, Dean Highland Elementary School

Tommy Trotter, head custodian at Waco High School, takes "Lion Pride" in his campus. In a normal year, he can be found assisting wherever he is needed, but during the pandemic this past year, Mr. Trotter has worked to ensure the campus is clean and sanitized for the students and other staff. As a true team player, Mr. Trotter assisted with taking temperatures in the mornings before students entered the building. He is extremely polite and often acts as a "tour guide," helping students, parents or visitors find their way around. He is considered "one of the most dependable people on campus."
April Roberson & Tommy Trotter
April Roberson (left) - math instructional specialist, Waco High School & Tommy Trotter (right) - head custodian, Waco High School

Congratulations to each of these outstanding employees!
Waco ISD is honored to recognize you, and the district thanks you for CHOOSING Waco ISD!