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Waco ISD and Ascension Providence partner to help student athletes perform their best

ascension providence

Ascension Providence is partnering with Waco ISD to provide sports medicine services for the district’s student athletes. In addition to providing physician coverage for high school football games, Ascension Providence will also perform athletic physicals and concussion baselining, lead clinics on sports medicine topics, and provide access to the Ascension Texas Sports Science program as part of the sponsorship of Waco ISD athletics.
“We are excited to partner with Waco ISD to provide a variety of sports medicine services to support our local student athletes,” said Philip Patterson, president of Ascension Providence. “Our sports medicine team is dedicated to providing high quality, comprehensive sports medicine education and care to student athletes, with a goal of timely assessments, sports injury management, and treatment to help them reach their maximum potential.”
“Not only will this partnership help our student athletes avoid injuries and recover from those that do happen, it will also help them better understand what their bodies need to perform at their peak both on and off the field,” said Dr. Susan Kincannon, Waco ISD superintendent. “Ascension Providence has been an incredible partner to the district, especially during the current pandemic. We’re grateful for their support and excited to bring their expertise to our athletic program.”
As Waco ISD prepared to hold high school graduation ceremonies last spring and then brought staff and students back to campuses this fall, Ascension Providence shared best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The district incorporated those best practices into its health and safety planning, including using an application provided by Ascension Providence to screen employees daily for possible signs and symptoms of the novel coronavirus.
As part of the athletic program sponsorship, Waco ISD and Ascension Providence will also team up to provide all families in the school district with ongoing health and wellness information.