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Student Fines and Fees List

  • Booster Clubs may have students or parents who do not submit money for fund-raisers or expenses, resulting in amounts owed to the Booster Club. Since these amounts relate to Booster Club activities, they cannot be placed on the school’s Student Fines and Fees List. If a Booster Club wishes to pursue recovery of these amounts, they must do so independently from the District and school.


    High Spirit Booster Club held a catalog fund-raiser and $400 is still owed to the Booster Club by Trusty Smith, the father of Jane Smith, one of students in the group they support. Trusty received the merchandise, but never paid for it.

    The Booster Club may pursue trying to recover the money or merchandise from Trusty. However, they may not contact the school to include the $400 on the school’s Student Fines and Fees List as an amount owed by Jane Smith to the school.
Last Modified on March 3, 2021