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  • If the mailing address for the Booster Club changes, immediately notify the District, the Texas Secretary of State, the Texas Comptroller’s Office, and the IRS. To avoid frequent mailing address changes, the IRS and the Texas Comptroller’s Office recommend that each Booster Club obtain its own post office box (PO Box) or private mailing box (PMB) to be used for official Booster Club mail. This address and box keys can be given easily to the new officers at the beginning of the year.

    Please understand the importance of maintaining a consistent mailing address for the Booster Club. First, you will save time since you will not have to update your address each year to the District, the Texas Secretary of State, the Texas Comptroller’s Office, the IRS, and your bank as you would if you used someone’s home address.

    Second, Booster Clubs receive several important documents from these agencies throughout the year, and if the address changes frequently, some of these documents could be lost or misplaced. If the related school’s address is used as the Booster Club’s official address, the Booster Club should be aware that it may not receive mail in a timely manner when the school is closed (i.e., summer vacation and some holidays). The IRS mails forms and other correspondence to Booster Clubs periodically. If these forms are not completed and returned to the IRS within a specific time period, a Booster Club could lose their tax-exempt status, thereby also losing their tax-exemption with the State of Texas and possibly face fines and penalties.

    The District does not recommend using a home address since officers change frequently.

    Use IRS Form 8822 for reporting change of address and is available on the IRS website,
    www.irs.gov under Forms and Publications.

Last Modified on March 3, 2021