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Fund-Raising for Individuals or Families

  • Many heartbreaking events happen in the lives of our students, District staff, and their families. These events may range from death or injuries in tragic accidents, to major illnesses or fires. Most of us want to help these individuals or families. Raising funds for these situations must be done by the family setting up a special account at a bank or credit union. Collections for memorial funds are not accounted for by the District and are not to be deposited into a District account. A separate bank account should be opened by the family of the deceased. The account must not use the District's EIN and must not have the district or campus as the trustee. Only the parents or appropriate family member should be a trustee and authorized signer on the account. Donations can be made by individuals or businesses by sending checks directly to the bank or credit union for the particular individual or family. These contributions are not tax deductible for income tax purposes.

    Even though we want to assist individuals and families in times of need, schools and the District cannot hold fundraisers for these individuals and families. If an employee desires to accept collections, he/she does so individually and is solely responsible for the handling of funds, retaining a log of donors and amounts, and making daily deposits. The District discourages such practice and holds no liability for such collections.

Last Modified on March 3, 2021