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Bank Accounts

  • Parent Organizations should set up a bank account with the Parent Organization's EIN number. A person's social security number or the District's EIN number cannot be used to set up a bank account.

    District employees may serve parent organizations as a general member or in an advisory capacity and should not have control or signature authority over the parent organization's funds, including petty cash or miscellaneous discretionary funds. District employees SHALL NOT serve as the Treasurer, fundraising chairperson, nor serve in a capacity over the organization's financial affairs, including an authorized signer on the Parent Organization's bank account(s).

    • These approvals are only good through August 31st of the school year or when the employee is no longer the treasurer or authorized signer whichever is earlier. Consequently, a new authorization form would need to be completed every school year. A copy of the written approval must be sent to the District's Internal Audit department. Please see Request for Authorization for a WISD Employee to be a Treasurer or Signer on Parent Organization Bank Account(s).
    • At least two authorized signatures must be required for each check written to assist in establishing good internal controls over check disbursements. The bank account(s) should have at least three authorized signers to allow at least one back-up signer if one of the regular signers is not available.
    • Bank account(s) should be reconciled monthly.
Last Modified on March 3, 2021