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Creating a New Organization

Following the Rules

Taking Care of Business

Day-to-Day Responsibilities

Taking Care of Business: Overview

  • Parent Organizations have many responsibilities to the federal government, the state, the District, and to the students they support. Part of this responsibility is to keep accurate and updated records so that the organization may complete the necessary filing requirements with the state and the IRS. In addition, these records will help you prepare your annual Financial Report and Review Report due to the Sponsor, the Principal, and the Internal Audit Department by September 15th of each year.

    This section includes information that must be submitted to pertinent District personnel including the Parent Organization Booster Club Information Sheet that must be submitted to the Internal Audit Department and the School Principal or Administrator (if the Booster Club is not located at a school) by September 15th of each school year and as officers change. In addition, this section will also guide you in preparing the Financial Report and related Review Report.

    Most of the reporting requirements of a Parent Organization and Booster Club are dependent on the financial records kept as discussed in the Day-to-Day Responsibility section, therefore, the office of Parent Organization and Booster Club Treasurer is an extremely important and vital position that should not be taken lightly. Even though the Treasurer may assign certain duties to another person (i.e., Fund-raiser Chairperson – Catalog Sales), the Treasurer is ultimately responsible for assuring that all financial records are maintained accurately and on a timely basis for the Booster Club.

Last Modified on March 3, 2021