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Questions to Answer Before You Commit

  • Booster Clubs and Parent Organizations provide an important support function to student groups; however, they also require a strong commitment from the members to work properly. Therefore, deciding whether or not to form a Parent Organization is a difficult decision that requires careful consideration of the pros and cons of formation. Interested parents should discuss these issues with each other as well as the Sponsor of the student group and the School Principal or Administrator (if the organization is not located at a school). The appropriate School Principal must approve, in writing, the formation of the Parent Organization before the club or organization take any further action to create a unique identity.

    It is important to remember that parents do not have to form a Parent Organization to support a student group. Parents may still support a student group as parents through fund-raisers and other activities in which the students are involved if the student group has a Student (agency) Activity Fund set up through the District. All money generated would be considered the student group's money and would benefit only that group of students. In addition, the District would be responsible for all of the accounting and legal responsibilities of the Student Activity Fund.

    The following are some questions to consider when deciding whether or not to form a Parent Organization:

    1. Why do I want a Parent Organization?
    2. What can a Parent Organization accomplish that cannot be achieved through the use of a Student Activity Fund?
    3. Do I have the time to commit to the Organization?
    4. Are there enough parents with time to commit to the Organization?
    5. Am I willing to perform the necessary research, training, and paperwork to be in compliance with all District, UIL, State, and Federal regulations?
    6. Have I read or will read the rest of this handbook to discover my responsibilities once an Organization is formed?
    7. Have I spoken with other similar Organizations to determine what benefits/challenges they have experienced?
    8. Have I spoken with the Sponsor to obtain support for the formation of the Organization?



    Once the decision is made to form a Parent Organization, please go here next: Create your own identity

Last Modified on March 3, 2021