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  • Even though a Parent Organization works very closely with the District, it is a separate entity from the District.

    Parent Organizations are established to promote school programs or complement student groups or activities. A Parent Organization’s purpose may be to support a student group or program at a particular school or various student groups or programs at various schools. Students enrich their education and expand their horizons when they participate in school activities and programs. Therefore, the District greatly appreciates the time, effort, and financial support that Parent Organizations provide to our students.

    The formation of a Parent Organization must be approved by an appropriate District Principal or Administrator. In addition, a Parent Organization must adhere to various District policies and guidelines, University Interscholastic League (UIL) guidelines, and state and federal regulatory guidelines. Parent Organizations support a particular student group or program through a Sponsor. The Sponsor is a District employee who serves as the liaison between the Parent Organizations and the District. In addition, the pertinent Principal or other appropriate Administrator must approve various activities of both the student group and the related Parent Organization. The main responsibilities of a Parent Organization, a Sponsor, and a Principal or an Administrator are indicated below:

    Parent Organization - A Parent Organization is responsible for supporting a student group, activity, or program. Support may be as simple as providing support at games or event or as complex as raising money for an out-of-state competition. The Parent Organization works through the Sponsor to provide assistance for the planned activities of the student group. The Parent Organization decide the type and amount of assistance they will provide; however, the Parent Organization does not have the authority to decide the activities or trips in which the student group will participate. The parents and the Parent Organization may provide suggestions about particular activities; however, the Sponsor is responsible for the final decision with the Principal’s or Administrator’s approval.

    Sponsor/Liaison - A designated Sponsor of a student group serves as the liaison between the Parent Organization and the District, under the supervision of the Principal or Administrator. The Sponsor is responsible for determining the various activities and trips in which the student group will participate with the approval of the Principal or Administrator. The Sponsor does not have the authority to control the amount of support a Parent Organization provides.

    Principal or Administrator – The Principal or Administrator is responsible for approving the constitution, bylaws of the Parent Organization as well as the activities of the student group and some activities of the related Parent Organization.

Last Modified on March 3, 2021