• If you are an employee with Waco ISD and need to add or update areas to your current certification, please notify Luis OrtizYour official certification will be verified with TEA and updates will be made in the Waco ISD system. TEA does not notify Waco ISD if you make changes, update or renew your certificate.

    You may view your current certifications on file with Waco ISD in your Employee Service Center.

    If you do not have a Bachelor’s degree, please go to the university of your choice with a teacher education program, and meet with an advisory to establish a degree plan. There are universities in our area that offer teaching certification programs.

Which certification is right for me?

    • EC-6*
      • Must pass the Core Subjects EC-6 to teach any subject in grades PK to 6th, including P.E. and Fine Arts.
    • 4-8*
      • At this level, there are options from which to choose. If the Core Subjects 4-8 is passed, any core subject in grades 4-8 may be taught. In many schools with these grades, teachers are required to teach more than one subject. By testing in single content areas for grades 4-8, the teacher is limited to one subject which may reduce the number of opportunities for which to be considered.
    • 7-12
      • Must pass the content area test for the subject to be taught.
    • Special Education EC-12
      • For new special education teachers who will provide grades in core content areas, the special EC-12 education test as well as the content area test for the subject and grade level to be taught must be passed. Passing the Core Subjects EC-6 or 4-8 will enable the teacher to teach any subject within the range of the test(s) taken. For grades 7-12, in addition to passing the special education test, the content area test must also be passed. In situations where a teacher in grades 7-12 is not providing grades in core content areas, but is providing in-class support, then only the Special Education EC-12 test is required.
  • *Beginning 1/1/2021, the Science of Teaching Reading will be an additional required test for Core Subjects EC-6, Core Subjects 4-8, ELAR or ELAR/SS 4-8, and the EC-3 certificates. Certification requirements may be subject to change, so stay informed by remaining in contact with your University/ACP.

    Section 21.003 of the Texas Education Code indicates that all individuals employed as a(n) teacher, librarian, educational aide, administrator, or counselor be certified according to state guidelines. The best source for information regarding certification is the Texas Education Agency (TEA) website certification page.

Teaching Certificates

  • Adding Certification by Exam

  • Being a Classroom Teacher in Texas

  • Out-of-State Teaching Certificates

  • Alternative Certification Programs

Educational Aide Certificates

  • Federal, state and local guidelines require an employed Educational Aide to hold a valid Educational Aide Certificate. The Education Aide Certificate is no longer available for renewal. The employee must submit an application and pay a $17 fee for a 2-year, non-renewable Educational Aide certificate on the Texas Education Agency website through the TEA Educator TEAL account.  

TEAL Accounts

  • To renew your certification or apply for certifications, you need a TEAL user account. Please see the information below to learn more about TEAL accounts.