Waco Independent School District

    Bond Election:  November 2, 2021

    On November 2, 2021, voters in Waco ISD will consider whether or not to authorize the district to issue $355 million in bonds to replace Waco High, G.W. Carver Middle, Tennyson Middle and Kendrick Elementary with new schools built in the same locations and to renovate South Waco Elementary.

    The new G.W. Carver Middle would be large enough to accommodate students currently zoned to both G.W. Carver and Indian Spring middle schools. The new Kendrick Elementary would be large enough to accommodate many of the students currently zoned to Alta Vista Elementary with the remaining Alta Vista Elementary students going to a renovated South Waco Elementary.

    The total cost of the four new schools and renovations is estimated at $367.1 million. Following the fire at G.W. Carver Middle, the proposed bond amount was reduced to $355 million to account for an eventual insurance settlement.

    Issuing $355 million in bonds is projected to increase the district’s property tax rate by $0.1001 per $100 of assessed valuation. For the average homeowner in Waco ISD, that is approximately $130.69 per year (or $10.89 per month).


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General Questions

  • How were the projects in the proposed bond program identified?

  • Who were the members of the community advisory committee?

  • What information did the community advisory committee review?

  • How did Waco ISD assess the condition of the district's facilities?

  • What are the estimated maintenance costs for the existing schools?

  • What is the cost of building and equipping new schools?

  • How are new school buildings different from those built in the 1950s and 1960s?

  • When was Waco ISD's last bond election?

Elementary School Projects

  • What elementary school projects are included in the proposed bond program?

  • Where do students zoned to attend Alta Vista Elementary live?

  • What would happen to the Alta Vista campus if it isn't an elementary school?

  • When would a renovated South Waco Elementary open?

  • When would a new Kendrick Elementary open?

Middle School Projects

  • What middle school projects are included in the proposed bond program?

  • Will insurance cover the cost of replacing G.W. Carver Middle?

  • How did the fire at G.W. Carver Middle change the proposed bond program?

  • Why design a new G.W. Carver Middle before the bond election?

  • Where do students zoned to attend Indian Spring Middle live?

  • What would happen to the Indian Spring campus if it isn't a middle school?

  • Will the new Tennyson Middle eliminate the need for portables?

  • Why is it more expensive to build and equip the new Tennyson Middle than the new G.W. Carver Middle?

  • When would a new G.W. Carver Middle open?

  • When would a new Tennyson Middle open?

Waco High School

  • What will be included in a new Waco High?

  • Why design a new Waco High before the bond election?

  • When would a new Waco High open?

Debt and Taxes

  • What is Waco ISD's current property tax rate?

  • How has Waco ISD's property tax rate changed over the past 10 years?

  • How much bond debt does Waco ISD currently have?

  • How does Waco ISD's bond debt compare to similar school districts?

  • How would issuing $355 million in bonds change Waco ISD's property tax rate?

  • How did Waco ISD's last bond election impact the tax rate?

  • How can homeowners age 65 and older have their school district property taxes frozen?


  • Who is eligible to vote in the upcoming election?

  • When and where can I vote during early voting?

  • When and where can I vote on Election Day?

  • Who can vote by mail?

  • What identification is required to vote?