Teacher Incentive Allotment Overview

  • House Bill 3 (HB 3), passed by the 86th Texas Legislature in June of 2019, established an optional Teacher Incentive Allotment with a stated goal of a six-figure salary for teachers who prioritize teaching in high needs areas and rural district campuses.

    Transformation Waco will opt-in to the teacher incentive allotment with the goals to attract, retain, and reward excellent leaders and educators by building effective systems that accelerate student outcomes. The goal is for Transformation Waco to create a sustainable teaching environment that reduces teacher turnover each year while rewarding highly effective teachers. 

    We plan to phase in the allotment starting SY 2020-2021 and beyond in an effort to build a pathway for full-time teachers to earn recognized, exemplary, and master designations and additional funding. 



Frequently Asked Questions

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