• Application Process FAQs

    Q: How do I become a Guest Educator for Waco ISD?

    A: Please click the link How to Become a Substitute and follow the instructions on the web page.


    Q: Do I need an official transcript to apply?

    A: No, to apply you just need to attach a copy of your transcript. A original copy of your transcript will need to be submitted once you are hired.


    Q: Which transcript do I attach to my application?

    A: We just need the transcript for your highest level of education.


    Q: I started my application but how do I log back in to finish?

    A: You will need to go to the Online Application and enter the username and password that you created. If you have forgotten your password you can contact HR at (254) 755 - 9410.


    Q: When do you have Orientation?

    A: We hold orientation for our Guest Educators biweekly.


    Q: I went to Waco ISD, don't you have my transcript?

    A: Even previous students of Waco ISD have to request transcripts. Please click here to learn how to request a transcript from Waco ISD.


    Q: If I was a previous employee do you have my transcripts?

    A: Please contact the HR department and we will let you know.