• Transformation Waco afterschool programs provide terrific, fun enrichment opportunities for our students.  Do you have a child who would like to participate?  Would you like to volunteer? 

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  • The AfterSchool Academies are a free after school program for kids at J. H. Hines Elementary School and Indian Spring Middle School.  The purpose of the academies is to provide fun, after school learning opportunities for our students by inviting the community to share their knowledge with the next generation.

    How do they work?

    As soon as the school day has ended, AfterSchool Academy students gather for a meal, a short time for homework help or tutoring and a brief recess.  Then the group divides into small groups to attend academy courses taught by community volunteers.  The topics vary depending on the volunteers.  Topics offered in the past have included drumming, dance, history, travel, puzzles, sports skills, gardening, leadership, art, STEM topics and many others.

    Students benefit by getting to know a wide variety of positive role models and getting exposure to all kinds of new ideas.  Plus, it’s fun!  

    Volunteers get to know some terrific kids, get to share their experience and interest with the next generation, and can be certain that their time and effort will have a real positive impact.  Plus, it’s fun!

    The AfterSchool Academies need two kinds of volunteers.

    Helpers – Helpers meet with the students as soon as school is out. They help keep the group organized during dinner.  They help with tutoring and homework and then they keep an eye on things during recess.  The time commitment is approximately an hour a day, one day a week.  Helpers are invited to stay and help during Academy Course time.  In that case the time commitment would be two hours a day. 

    Course Leaders – The possibilities are endless!  Do you like art, dance, music, yoga, soccer, building things, robotics, cars? Chances are anything that interests you will be interesting to our students. If you can’t think of anything ask your school contact.  They have lots of ideas.  Course leaders volunteer to lead a course on the subject of their choice (subject to approval) with a small group of students.  Courses can be a mini-mester (6 weeks), a full semester (12 weeks) or the whole year.  (Note: It is highly recommended that you work in groups of 2 or 3.)



    Got questions?  Here are the folks who can help…

    • For JH Hines Elementary School (JHH) - Angela Ceccato - - 254-753-1362 (office), 254-339-3097 (cell)
    • For Indian Spring Middle School (ISMS) – Travis Cheatham - - 217-553-6943 (cell)
  • Step 1: Fill out and submit the AfterSchool Academies Volunteer Application (Google Form with the following)




    Is this a good number for a text message? Yes/No

    Which campus would you prefer?

    • H. Hines Elementary
    • Indian Springs Middle School

    What type of volunteer job do you prefer?

    • Tutor/Helper
    • Academy Course Leader

    Step 2. Complete the Volunteer Orientation (See attached) and take the Quiz

    Step 3. Complete Waco ISD volunteer application and Background Check:  (Note: You must use Chrome to complete this application.  Application must be submitted one week before your first day to volunteer.)

    Please Note: The Waco ISD Volunteer Application and Background check my take a few days to complete.  Your campus contact will get in touch, once it has been approved.

    Additional information for Hines volunteers (to be developed if needed)

    Additional information for Indian Spring Middle School volunteers