Mr. Thompson



Degrees and Certifications:

Degree: (AA) Associate of Arts, (AS) Associate of Science, (BS) Bachelor of Science, (MBA) Master of Business Administration Certifications: TEA teaching license (4-8 Generalist), GT certified, SERT certified (Bexar County Sheriff’s Office)

Mr. Thompson




Current Position: 7th and 8th Social Studies Teacher


Teaching Experience:  4 years, all at ISMS


Achievements: Distinguished Military Graduate (3 times), all four college degrees with honors, graduated top of the class at Sheriff’s academy.



Hobbies: Spending time with family, swimming anywhere, lifting weights, and watching my criminal TV shows.


Family: Married for 18 years and some change to Sarah Thompson, my oldest son is 13 (Alexander), the middle child is 10 (Isaac), and my daughter is 4 (Evelyn).  Also, have in my family 5 chickens and a duck. 



    Mr. Thompson’s Bell Schedule



    Advisory/Bkft 0800-0820

    1st             0823-0915                 8th Grade

    2nd            0918-1010                 8th Grade

    3rd           1013-1105                      PLC

    4th           1108-1200               Conference

    Lunch    1200-1230

    5th             1233-1325                  7th Grade

    6th             1328-1420                  7th Grade

    7th             1423-1515                  7th Grade

    8th           1518-1610                   8th Grade