Victor Lee Boswell Jr. (Mr. Boswell)



Degrees and Certifications:

Degree: Tyler Junior College, Associates – Music FOS, University of Texas at Tyler, Bachelors – Instrumental Music Education Certifications: Music Ec-12

Victor Lee Boswell Jr. (Mr. Boswell)



Current Position: Assistant Band Director


Teaching Experience: This is my second year teaching at ISMS and my second year teaching overall!


Achievements: I’ve been an international missionary twice and have gotten to tour around the U.S. with an international drumline group! I’m the first in my immediate family to go to college (and graduate) and I’m also the first in my family to be a band director!


Hobbies: Seeing how much spicy food my body can handle and experiencing new things! I.e. learning new languages, making new friends from different cultures, etc.. I love dogs and now own a Pembroke welsh corgi puppy named Einstein.


Family: I just recently became a godfather (see picture of the baby), I have a twin sister who lives in waco (she works 5 minutes away from here!), and some distant family up north in Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and New York.


Mission:  To be an architect for human potential, i.e. giving your kids the best education possible! Everyone deserves to be welcomed, loved, and educated in their life!