Mr. Zachary, Coach Zachary, Mr. Z, Coach Z



Degrees and Certifications:

Degree: Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise and Sports Science                                      Certifications: CPR and First Aid, Texas State Teaching License

Mr. Zachary, Coach Zachary, Mr. Z, Coach Z


Current Position: 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher


Teaching Experience: 2nd Year at ISMS


Hobbies: Playing basketball and soccer, watching Game of Thrones (greatest show ever), talking sports, watching all kinds of movies, reading Harry Potter, and eating (probably can’t tell though)


Family: Father, Mother, and Brother (older), 5-year-old nephew


Mission:  Inspire students to achieve their personal best in order to face the challenges of the future.

  • Mr. Zachary’s Daily Schedule


     1st Period- Boys’ Athletics  

     2nd Period- 9:18 – 10:10         

     3rd Period- 10:13 – 11:05         PLC

    “A” Lunch- 11:05 – 11:35

     4th Period- 11:38 – 12:30      

     5th Period- 12:33 – 1:25      

     6th Period- 1:28 – 2:20          

     7th Period- 2:23 – 3:15          

     8th Period- 3:18 – 4:10     Conference