Coach Guffey



Degrees and Certifications:

Degree: Bachelors in Business Administration from Tarleton State University Certifications: Physical Education EC-12

Coach Guffey




Current Position: 6TH -8TH Girls P.E. Teacher / Coach


Teaching Experience: 3 years


Achievements: Waco ISD Athletic Champions: Volleyball, Soccer


Hobbies: Reading, Cooking, Shopping, Helping Others


Family: I am really big on family and love spending time with them.


Mission: To help students to be successful by meeting their independent needs and goals.


    Coach Guffey’s Daily Schedule


    Advisory/Bkft     8:00    8:20

    1st Period             8:23      9:15           Conference                                    

    2nd Period            9:18  10:10          6-8 Girls P.E

    3rd Period           10:13  11:05            6-8 Girls P.E

    “A” Lunch            11:05  11:35              Lunch

    4th Period           11:38  12:30          6th Grade P.E

    5th Period            12:33  1:25            6-8 Girls P.E

    6th Period            1:28  2:20            6-8 Girls P.E

    7th Period             2:23   3:15            6-8 Girls P.E

    8th Period            3:18  4:10             Girls Athletic