• Uniforms

    One of the most commonly requested items from families in need are uniforms for students.  Here are the most common sizes needed:

    Gray polos: sizes XS through XL

    Red polos: sizes S through XXL

    Blue polos: sizes M through XXL

    Pants sizes: 8 Youth through 20 Husky


    Academy has frequently been the best deal for our families so all of the links above are for them.  Shirts simply need to be a solid color that matches their grade level and the shirt must have a collar.  We hope to develop a more exact system in the future where specific sizes can be requested based on the fit of a student who needs them.


    Solid Gold Neighbor School Supply Power Drive

    The school supply power drive is a collaboration among numerous organizations to make sure the five schools of the Transformation Zone have the school supplies they need throughout the school year.  The group visited with the principals at each of the five schools and compiled a list of what they need for the year. Now they are seeking community partners willing to pledge to provide those supplies.  (Note: although the above link specifies Alta Vista, all 5 campuses are participating)  ***Note: as of 9/7/18 this program has essentially completed, however, the program may be able to buy additional supplies throughout the school year.