• GWAMA Mentor Program Guidelines


    Who:  The program will start with students in their 2nd year of the program.  Selection of students will be done by the mentor committee; composed of Assistant Director Dustin Davisson, Wanda Brown (Counselor), and Tim Gibson (Instructional Specialist).  Each industry mentor will service a maximum of 3 students, so the total number in the program will depend on the number of Industry mentors.

    When:  Students will be mentored during their “Academy” class and will not last any longer than 15 minutes.  It would be good if the mentor visited each student 1 to 2 times a month. Those times can be determined by the mentor.

    Why:  This program will allow students to have one-on-one access to industry personnel.  Mentors would be able to help guide a student on issues that many people trying to enter the workforce, technical school, or college would face.  This would also allow Industry leaders to possibly even build a strong relationship with a student, so that they would feel more comfortable with hiring them.

    What:  Mentors will talk with student about:

    • Attendance
    • Grades
    • Current and Upcoming Projects
    • Guidance on post high school plans
    • Relate all above information to job skills and employability