• Mission

    Waco ISD Athletics is committed, above all else, to providing an academically focused, stimulating learning atmosphere that promotes student achievement in the classroom and in athletics. We acknowledge our responsibility for insuring that the highest quality of athletic instruction occurs in every sport and for providing a learning environment that is safe, clean and conducive to participation and success.


    We believe that the unique developmental needs of early adolescents can be met partially by athletics and should be the basis for our program. In our vision we want to provide an athletic program that is focused, stimulating in which each student may experience and apply real-life skills needed to be a responsible citizen. In addition, our vision is to instill in students the timeless virtues of perseverance, respect for the right of others, honesty, responsibility, positive self-esteem and the value of competition that will enable them to be productive members of society.

    We will endeavor to establish and maintain public confidence in our program and secure support for the school district. We believe in the development of a commonality of purpose, effort and achievement in the community. We will strive to develop in the community a recognition of the vital importance of athletics in the educational process in our social and economic life.