• Welcome to Alta Vista Elementary! My name is Lindsey Helton, and I proudly serve Alta Vista Elementary as the Principal.  While this is my 2nd year as principal, it's my 7th year as an administrator for Alta Vista Elementary and my 14th year in education, all for Waco ISD.  I am wonderfully supported by my husband, Matt, and two beautiful children, Joshua, who is a second grader at Alta Vista, and Olivia, who will be starting PK at Alta Vista.  

    Helton Family

    Part of Alta Vista's mission is:  Together we will take pride in ourselves, our school, and the community we know.  

    As principal, I am committed to making Alta Vista Elementary a place where our families, students, and staff are proud to be.  Each of our students deserve a first-class education so that they can accomplish whatever goals they set for themselves.  We are focused on working alongside families to help students meet those goals.  Most importanlty, we expect everyone-students, staff, and even families-to continue learning and growing together. Through these efforts, we create a community that gives us pride.    

    Lindsey Helton