Welcome to Instructional Technology

  • Welcome to Instructional Technology


    Mission of Blended Learning in Waco ISD:

    The Waco ISD Mission of Blended Learning is to develop and implement a professional development plan for leaders, teachers and staff to increase the effective use of technology  to improve student achievement and to enhance the educational environment and opportunity for each student through integrating the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Technology Applications within a Blended Learning environment.


    Vision of Blended Learning in Waco ISD:

    The Waco ISD Vision of Blended Learning is to transform teaching and learning from traditional to innovative, providing our teachers the tools and training resulting in our students receiving an exemplary education, preparing them for tomorrow’s world.


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  • Paul Mach

    Paul Mach 

    Coordinator of Instructional Technology


    Jennifer Bost

    Jennifer Bost

    Project Specialist



    Lisa Monthie

    Lisa Monthie

     Assistant Director of Instructional Technology