• John Hattie has synthesized over 500,000+ studies related to student achievement in his book Visible Learning.  His research shows that teachers can make a difference despite other surrounding circumstances that may impede the learning process.  The degree to which the teacher impacts student learning in the classroom can be dramatically effected based on some highlighted teacher behaviors and the use of high impact instructional strategies.  This site is intended to be a reference to resources to support teachers in growing in their understanding and practice to increase their impact in the classroom.

    Hattie identified bevahiors in teachers that are far more likely to have a large positive impact on their students.  These high impact behaviors are listed below.

    • Are passionate about hleping their students learn
    • Forge strong relationships with their students
    • Are clear about what they want their students to learn
    • Adopt evidence-based teaching strategies
    • Monitor their impact on students' learning, and adjust their approaches accordingly
    • Actively seek to improve thier own teaching
    • Are viewed by students as being credible

    According to John Hattie, high-impact, evidence based teaching strategies include:

    • Direct Instruction
    • Note Taking & Other Study Skills
    • Spaced Practice
    • Feedback
    • Teaching Metacognitive Skills
    • Teaching Problem Solving Skills
    • Reciprocal Teaching
    • Mastery Learning
    • Concept Mapping
    • Worked Examples