Waco ISD SUCCEED Teacher Mentoring Program

  • The Waco ISD Office of Professional Development has made a commitment to recruitment and retention of the most highly qualified educators to serve the students of the Waco ISD.  This commitment along with the data analysis and feedback from previous mentoring programs led to the creation of the Waco ISD SUCCEED Teacher Mentoring Program first implemented during the 2013-14 school year.  Since it's inception, the SUCCEED program has undergone several changes to improve upon the effeciency and effectiveness for both our new teachers and our teachers serving as mentors with the program. 


    The foundation of the Waco ISD SUCCEED Teacher Mentoring Program focuses on the four core principles of relationships, classroom environment, planning, and instruction (see Fig. 1.1). 


    SUCCEED Core Principles

    The Waco ISD SUCCEED Teacher Mentoring Program will be presented in a hybrid format consisting of face-to-face meetings, online assignments and submissions, online discussion boards, observations and feedback, and support from District Instructional Coaches.  The entire program is housed in a Google Classroom online platform for ease of use, increased efficiency, and enhanced communication. 

    Mentor Teachers are identified by their respective campus administrators based on their experience, knowledge, professionalism, and documented history of student success.  All potential Mentor Teachers must submit an application to the Office of Professional Development prior to participation in the program. Mentor Teachers are then trained by the Office of Professional Development on instructional coaching and provided with the resources and materials need to support each of the four core principles of the program. Mentor/mentee pairings are then made at each campus allowing administrators to closely match mentors/mentees by grade level, subject area or proximity to ensure the highest rate of success for the program.

    Below are links to the Waco ISD SUCCEED Mentor Teacher and New Teacher guides.  These documents provide details and instructions on how to access and complete the different assignments for the program.  The .pdf documents also provide active links to the forms, activities and eCourse to further help with navigating through the program.

    Waco ISD SUCCEED | New Teacher Google Classroom Code: ​rrlzx7

    Waco ISD SUCCEED | Mentor Teacher Google Classroom Code: 9yx667


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