• The 2018-2019 Student Dress Code for University High School has been established to build student self-esteem, bridge socioeconomic differences and encourage positive behavior.  A dress also promotes school safety and improves the learning environment.  We expect all University High School students to school on time and in compliance with the dress code every day. 


    The following items are intended to give guide on what items are allowed and not allowed to wear.


    • No sagging pants (below the waist)
    • Holes/tears/frays on pants are allowed only if tights or a similar garment is worn under the pants that covers skin above the knees.
    • No pajama pants (sleep/lounge wear)
    • Shorts/skirts/dresses worn by students must be at least fingertip length plus the length of an ID badge/credit card.
    • No cut off pants (hemmed pants only)
    • No tights/leggings unless worn under a skirt/dress or shirt/blouse that appropriately covers the body.
    • No low cut or revealing blouses/shirts, or that expose the shoulder (such as “peekaboo” style or sleeveless athletic tops).
    • No caps, hats, hoods, do-rags, toboggans, etc. worn inside the school building.
    • No beach style flip flops or house shoes.
    • No sunglasses.
    • Hair: Natural colors only (black, brown, brunette, blonde, natural red, etc.)
    • No attire that contains obscenities or references to sex, drugs, weapons, violence, gang affiliation or that offends or insults and any group of people.
    • No “Grillz” or temporary decorations on teeth.


    Please note: The violations listed above may incur the following consequences:


    1. Warning and parents contacted for assistance in correcting the infraction.
    2. Parent contacted for a scheduled conference at school or pick up student from school.
    3. Student assignment to Saturday School, Student Court, or Saturday Diversion.
    4. In School Suspension (ISS) place from 1 – 3 days.
    5. Home suspension placement 1 – 3 days.
    6. Possible DAEP placement