• Gifts & Contributions

    Please use the Community Contribution Form to report gifts and contributions made to Waco ISD. “Gifts” would include cash, checks, sponsorships, in-kind gifts such as tangible items/property, or donated services. As stated in Board Policy CDC (LOCAL), The Board delegates to the Superintendent the authority to accept unsolicited gifts on behalf of the District. However, any gift with a cost or market value of $50,000 or more, any gift that the potential donor has expressly made conditional upon the District’s use for a specified purpose, or any gift of real property shall require Board approval.. The fair market value of in-kind gifts should be determined by the donor. Grants should be reported to the Waco ISD Grants Management Department. For information on the difference between “Gifts” and “Grants,” please call the Grants Management Department at 254.755.9473.

    Please electronically complete a Community Contribution Form for each contribution or service received, and send to the Waco ISD Communications Office (Administration Building 3rd Floor) or email to Stephanie.Hines@wacoisd.org. For further information, please call 254.755.9510.

  • Business Cards

    Waco ISD Employees must fill out an order form and request a PO first. Once that is done, please send a copy of both to the Waco ISD Communications Office (Administration Building, 3rd Floor) or email them to quinta.robinson@wacoisd.org. For further information, please call 254.755.9454