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  • Back in 2003, Dr. Robert Marzano coined the phrase “guaranteed and viable curriculum” in his book, What Works in Schools:  Translating Research into Practice.  Dr. Marzano cites the implementation of a guaranteed and viable curriculum as a requirement for school improvement.  These sentiments have been echoed by numerous educational scholars and are strongly supported by the Waco ISD Office of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

    “Guaranteed” means that all students, regardless of their teacher or school will have access to the same content, knowledge, and skills across the district.  While instruction may not be identical or scripted, teachers consistently and reliably address the same learning goals and hold the same expectations for student achievement.  This process is often supported through the development of District-wide pacing guides, common assessments, and/or professional learning communities to provide appropriate opportunities for collaboration, calibration, and coordination of learning.

    “Viable” means that the curriculum is realistic in scope and has made careful decisions to narrow the universe of knowledge into developmentally appropriate and challenging learning targets for the students in the district.  Viable curriculum has to pass the dual test of being accessible to students and being reasonable for the teachers to teach to mastery, not just “cover.”

    The Waco ISD Office of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment, through collaboration of the District content specialists, instructional specialists, and classroom teachers, continually looks to align and improve the District curriculum and provide the "guaranteed and viable curriculum" needed for success.