• Welcome to the Waco ISD Curriculum and Instruction Planning Site.  This site is being built as a resource for all things connected to planning and instruction. Please familiarize yourself with the format and resources of the site, and if you have anything you would like to see added, please contact your Coordinator for Curriculum and Instruction.

Curriculum & Instruction

  • "A guaranteed and viable curriculum ensures that all students have an equal opportunity to learn.  Each student will have access to an effective or highly effective teachers, and access to the same content, knowledge, and skill in each section or class." - Robert J. Marzano

    The Curriculum and Instruction Google Site linked below provides a gateway to updated curriculum units and resources and can be used to navigate the entire curriculum from a single location. It's important to note that certain curriculum documents are protected; therefore, you must be signed in to your Waco ISD Google account to access protected resources. Permission to view will not be granted to personal email addresses outside of the Waco ISD domain.

District PLC Framework