Enrollment Process


    • An application for Brazos High School must be picked up from the counseling department at the students' home campus. But if the student is out of cohort or past their graduation date, then they are able to apply at Brazos.
    • A completed application will be submitted to the home campus' counseling department. The parent/guardian's signature is required for an application to be accepted.
    • Brazos’ principal will visit both high schools to sit down with the counselors and discuss the recommended students one by one. At the end of the meeting, the principal will let the campuses know which students will be approved for admission.
    • The counselor will then notify each student to inform them of their scheduled mandatory orientation with the principal at Brazos HS. Both student and parent (unless 18 years of age) must attend the scheduled orientation for the enrollment process to be complete. If a student is on probation or parole, their Probation or Parole officer is recommended to attend, so that all stakeholders are on the same page.


    Students according to the following profile (A - E) are eligible for the application process:


    1. Lack sufficient amount of credits for grade level (at least 1 year behind)
    2. Deficient 3 or more credits towards current graduation year
    3. Accelerated to an age-appropriate environment (LWAA candidates only)
    4. Has experienced personal, family, or other issues which have hindered academic success and/or attendance in the traditional school setting
    5. Has a job and/or adult responsibilities (e.g. teen parent) that require a flexible schedule