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    Our mission is to develop athletes in their physical, mental and emotional approach to life through challenging team training, teaching character and promoting community service. Waco High athletes are exposed to an infinite number of principles that develop character, disciplines that maintain and improve health, and challenges that build confidence. We have instilled a healthy athletic program that promotes sacrifice, honor, integrity, enthusiasm, loyalty and discipline here at Waco High and we are thrilled to share the experience with you and your student.

    Students who participate at Waco High learn how to persevere through competitive pressure, how to compete and grow as athletes and as students, and how to plan for those challenges as they come. The competition of athletics helps to perpetuate a desire and drive for the student-athlete to set and achieve goals. Waco Lions have developed a sense of team and family, and they are being encouraged to apply all of these life-lessons as they step forward as quality citizens into college and the work force.

    Waco Lions are trained to be healthy on a daily and personal basis. Our quality coaching staff creates workouts appealing and conducive to high achievement so that the athletes will want to participate with all of their effort. No other extra-curricular activity is as physical in its nature or can instill a purpose of extending the quality of life like athletics. Students who participate in Waco High athletics are proving to be more generous citizens, more successful employees, more accomplished students, less likely to drop out of high school or college, and live longer, healthier lives.

    Successful athletes are given praise by coaches and teammates on a regular basis, not to mention townspeople and fans. The crucial element is that coaches express their excitement for the athletes doing the everyday things correctly in addition to supporting their athletic accomplishments during competition. That means doing the right things, and often times the extra things, everyday, to achieve the team purpose. They learn to follow the rules, how to earn back respect and trust after it has been diminished, and they are filled with a greater desire to be successful. In all, we here at Waco High are promoting your students to be quality family members, citizens and team players.

    Join the Pride of Waco! Go Lions!

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Waco High Head Coaching Staff

  • Linden Heldt
    Waco High Athletics Coordinator

    Robert Garcia
    Girls Basketball

    Gary Carr
    Boys Basketball

    Kaylan Talley

    James Yasko
    Girls Soccer

    Juan Lopez
    Boys Soccer

    Chasitiy Hyder
    Girls Track/Cross Country Assistant Athletic Coordinator

    Cody King
    Boys Track

    Miguel Limones
    Boys Cross Country 

    Savannah Shavers

    Sul Ross

    Nathan Vogel

    Jacob Smith

    Tim Mason

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