• The Waco ISD Department of Fine Arts will provide superior instruction and arts education opportunities to the students of Waco ISD through a rigorous and engaging
    TEKS‐based enrichment curriculum in order to develop all students as responsible and integrity driven artists, competitors, performers and members of society


Standards and Responsibilities

    • Maximize student arts teaching and learning through Fine Arts T.E.K.S.
    • Provide Instructional Support to all fine arts staff members on all campuses.
    • Utilize Visual and Performing Arts education to increase academic success among the students in W.I.S.D.
    • Emphasize collaboration and quality work among the arts programs in W.I.S.D.
    • Develop increased literacy skills through all forms of the fine arts.
    • Provide student performers and artists a platform by which to express themselves and develop self confidence and self worth.
    • Increase participation in fine arts programs district wide as a means to increase student success, student retention rates, graduation rates, academic scores in core classes and support the growth of all students in W.I.S.D.
    • Continuously work to monitor and manage processes and procedures for all staff members within the department of fine arts to increase efficiency and effectiveness of programs and instruction.