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Dual Credit

  • Waco ISD offers a comprehensive list of dual credit offerings through McLennan Community College (MCC) that may be taken on the MCC campus, at the high school campuses (WHS or UHS) or online. These courses allow students to make progress toward a college degree while still completing their high school requirements. 

    What is Dual Credit?
    Dual credit courses allow students to earn both high school graduation and college credit simultaneously. 

    What is the benefit of enrolling in Dual Credit coursework? 
    These courses expose students to the rigor of the college-level classroom, preparing them for entry into post-secondary education. Completion of these courses allows students to graduate with a degree sooner, thus saving money. 

    What is Articulated Credit? 
    The Advanced Technical Credit (ATC) Program gives high school students a chance to receive credit at participating community colleges across Texas for taking certain enhanced technical courses during high school. For a high school to offer an ATC course to its students, the teacher of the course must meet the ATC teacher requirements, go through ATC training and teach the high school course so that it is enhanced to meet the content of the equivalent college course. Students who qualify can receive credit towards a two-year associate's degree or one-year certificate. 

    How are these courses different than an Advanced Placement class?
    While the Advanced Placement course curriculum is determined by the College Board, the curriculum for dual credit courses is developed by the MCC faculty and can more easily meet the needs of our students. Additionally, Advanced Placement courses require that students sit for a national test given during a two-week period in May; the score on this test determines whether students will receive college credit for the course as well. Some colleges require a 3 or higher (on a 5 scale) on this test to award students with credit, while other colleges require a 4 or a 5. Dual credit is credit awarded through MCC that can be transferred to other post-secondary institutions.

College Credit-Earning Courses Offered in Waco ISD

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    University High School and Waco High School
    ARTS 1301: Art Appreciation
    ARTC 1302: Digital Imaging
    BCIS 1305:  Business Computer Applications
    BIOL 1408: Biology for Non-Majors with Lab
    BIOL 2401: Anatomy and Physiology
    BUSI 1301: Introduction to Business
    CRIJ 1301: Introduction to Criminal Justice
    CSJA 1372: Forensic Art
    DRAM 1310: Introduction to Theater
    ECON 2301: Macroeconomics 
    ENGL 1301: Composition
    ENGL 1302: Advanced Composition
    ENVR 1301/1101: Environmental Science with Lab
    GOVT 2305: US Government and Politics
    GOVT 2306: Texas Government
    HIST 1301: American History through the Civil War
    HIST 1302: American History since Reconstruction
    MATH 1314: College Algebra
    MATH 1316: Trigonometry
    MUSI 1306: Music Appreciation
    PSYC 1300/EDUC 1300:  Learning Frameworks
    SGNL 1301: Sign Language I
    SPCH 1321: Business and Professional Speaking

    Greater Waco Advanced Health Care Academy
    HPRS 2301: Pathophysiology
    PHIL 2306: Introduction to Ethics
    PLAB 1323: Phlebotomy

    Greater Waco Advanced Manufacturing Academy
    CETT 1303: DC Circuits
    CETT 1305:  AC Circuits
    CETT 1325:  Digital Fundamentals
    DFTG 1325: Blueprint Reading & Sketching
    MCHN 1201:  Beginning Machine Shop
    WLDG 1313:  Introduction to Blueprint Reading for Welders
    WLDG 1407: Introduction to Welding Using Multiple Processes
    WLDG 1417: Introduction to Layout and Fabrication
    WLDG 1428:  Introduction to Shielding Metal Arc Welding


    University High School and Waco High School*
    American History (WHS only)
    Art History (online)
    Calculus A/B
    English Language and Composition
    English Literature and Composition
    Human Geography
    Music Theory and Composition (offered every other year)
    Spanish Language and Culture
    Spanish Literature and Culture
    Studio Art
    World History

    *other offerings available upon request
    Students do not have to take the AP course to sit for the AP examination.


    University High School
    Advanced Audio Video Programming
    Anatomy & Physiology
    Audio Video Productions
    Business Machines
    Court Systems
    Graphic Design and Illustration
    Hotel Management
    Medical Terminology
    Principles of Information Technology
    Restaurant Management
    Web Technologies

    Waco High School
    Advanced Audio Video Programming
    Anatomy & Physiology
    Audio Video Productions
    Business Machines
    Graphic Design and Illustration
    Medical Terminology

    For information on enrollment, contact:
    University High School - Melinda Bell  254-756-1843
    Waco High School - Stephanie Isbell  254-776-1150
    GWAHCA/GWAMA - Ebony Stewart   254-399-6654