Dress Code


    The “Student Dress Code” for Brazos High Credit Recovery has been established to build student self-esteem, bridge socioeconomic differences between students, and encourage positive behavior, thereby promoting school safety and improving the learning environment.

    • All clothing must be properly hemmed/cuffed
    • No adornments are allowed on clothing at any time (brads, studs, etc.)
    • Students must be in compliance with the “Mode of Dress” at all times

    Any article that refers to sex, alcohol, drugs, weapons, violence, gang affiliation, or that offends/insults any group of people is prohibited at all times. Campus administration will have complete and final judgement on all matters concerning interpretation of the student “Mode of Dress.”


    • Collared shirts (any color, any style, any pattern)
    • Crew neck T-shirts (any color, any style, any pattern)
    • Must be unaltered and have sleeves (at least 2 inches and extend around the arm)
    • Must reach your waist and NOT DISPLAY any portion of the stomach area. Females should also have their cleavage respectively covered
    • No spaghetti strapped shirts or muscle shirts



    • Jeans are permitted- if holes are above the knee, guys should have gym shorts underneath and ladies should have on tights underneath. SKIN MUST NOT BE SEEN
    • Shorts and skirts must meet the fingertips
    • Slacks/pants/shorts must be worn so that underwear is not visible (NO SAGGING!!!)
    • Ladies that wear tights, they MUST NOT BE “SEE THROUGH” and your shirt MUST COVER your buttocks. This includes pregnant moms as well.


    • Acceptable styles include- Athletic shoes, flip flops, slides, boots, loafers, dress shoes (no heels), mule style, and sandals (must have a hard sole)


    • Solid-colored, Waco ISD, or college/university hoodies, jackets, or coats may be worn. The hood must remain off at all times when inside the building
    • No headwear at any time- hats, do-rags, head scarfs, etc. (headbands acceptable 2 in. width)

    If a student violates the dress code policy, a phone call will be made to the parent/guardian informing him/her of the violation (depending on the frequency).  Continued violation will result in additional consequences.