Rules & Guidelines


    Attendance for Brazos High School

    BHS currently has changed to two programs, full day and half day. Students that qualify for the half day programming track have earned at least 15 credits.  Whereas, all others will be required to attend the full day programming.  Once a student has earned at least 15 credits, they can opt to move up to half day programming. Attendance will be taken every period and truancy cases will be filed for all students not adhering to the attendance requirements. This is the biggest change from the 2019-2020 school year. BHS students that are full time, their hours are 8:30a.m-3:30pm and half day track students are 8:30pm-12:30p.m. Students can make up previous absences by attending the opposite session in which they are scheduled.  You cannot make up attendance in the same day that you were marked absent. If the student's trend of attendance becomes a pattern, they will be administratively switched to the opposite session to accommodate their attendance habits. All absence notes must be submitted to the PEIMS office. If either student attends Saturday School (at UHS or WHS) or the COVE (after school only), the time is recorded into TEAMS which is eligible for attendance recovery. Students can also make up attendance through virtual Saturday School with the teacher, admin, or counselor. The formula for attendance recovery is 1 hour = 3 hours of attendance recovery. This time will be kept by the teacher or staff member whom the student is serving attendance recovery under. The PEIMS Specialist and Counselor will retrieve the documents and award attendance recovery to that student. Regardless if a student is within their cohort or graduation year, they risk the chance of being dropped due to non-attendance, so attendance is the priority to staying enrolled at Brazos High School.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact the school at 754-9422.


    To succeed in obtaining a high school diploma, students at Brazos High School must:

    • Create goals for graduation
    • Narrow your focus on achieving goals
    • Attend school regularly (>80%)
    • Pass state mandated assessments
    • Have dependable transportation